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WATTS is grateful to work with so many caring individuals, families, churches, organizations, and corporations. Their tireless service helps our care for the needy reach beyond what we could ever achieve on our own.

There are many volunteer opportunities in many capacities:

•  Meals (breakfast or dinner)  We invite groups and individuals to help us serve and prepare breakfasts and dinners each day the shelters are operational.   This is a great opportunity to get to serve on the front lines and interact with our guests.

•  Guest Intake We need help to get information from guests as they arrive at the shelter. You will be informing them of our services and getting information from them.

•  Overnight Resource

 Transportation  We provide transportation for our guests at many of our shelters.  We also transport our overnight beds and materials to each shelter.

•  Nurses to provide basic first aid  Although we do not provide formal medical care, we are in need of health professionals to attend to the basic health needs of our guests. We help our guests with colds, flu and other basic health issues. For more complex health needs, we have refer them to doctors outside of our shelters.

Assistance at WATTS fundraising events Watch for fundraising opportunities on our events page and on our Facebook page or contact our Executive director at wattsexecdirector@gmail.com

To volunteer apply online by filling out the form below.

Nurses/medical volunteers please apply here.