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We Need you

Our Volunteers bring light to our guests

Volunteer Opportunities

WATTS is grateful to work with so many caring individuals, families, churches, organizations, foundations, and businesses. Your tireless service makes our reach go far beyond what we could ever achieve on our own.

We invite groups or individuals to provide and serve dinners and breakfasts each day for the Overnight Shelter.  There are also opportunities to provide and serve lunches and breakfasts for our Warming Center and Cooling Center.

From snacks and drinks for our Warming & Cooling Centers, to thermal underwear, t-shirts, and socks, your donations keep WATTS going!

Guest Intake
Each evening when guests arrive at the Overnight Shelter, we need volunteers to collect information from them as part of our registration/intake process.

Guest Visitation
Some of our guests enjoy just sitting and talking with you, sharing stories in a time of judgement-free fellowship.  You can also share meal-time with our guests, or play games, do puzzles, etc. with them after dinner and before lights-out.

We provide bus transportation for our guests to the various host locations each evening and back to the drop-off point each morning. WATTS employs licensed CDL drivers who drive the bus, but a ride-along volunteer is always needed.  There is also a need to transport all the cots, linens, etc. from location to location each week when the host changes.

Medical Volunteers
Although we do NOT provide formal medical care, volunteer health professionals are needed to provide basic first aid and attend to other minor health concerns of our guests, such as colds, flu, minor wounds, vitals, etc.  All major health issues are referred to doctors outside of our shelters. Go to our Sign Up Genius for medical volunteers.

Use Your Gifts and Talents
Have a special skill or trade that our guests could benefit from?  We’d love to hear from you!  Fill out the form below or reach out through our Contact page!

Volunteer Interest Form

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